National and Regional Networks


Developing networks is important in order to share insights and learn how to support student success better regionally (by leveraging local leaders in student success) and nationally to help set a national agenda and co-ordinate and integrate the local networks.

For the regional networks, six leader institutions co-ordinate and provide support to local institutions to enhance student success. Siyaphumelela Partner and Associate universities lead six national regions (Eastern and Western Cape, Central, KwaZulu-Natal, and Northern and Southern Gauteng). All South African Higher Education instituitions can participate in the bi-annual regional meetings to discuss issues related to student succes.

National Network

National Networks are managed by Saide and includes the convening meeting with Partner menbers; management of services, sub-networks, coaches and annual conference; engagements with educational stakeholder; and supporting Partner and Participant members.

Regional Network - Central Region

Regional Network - Eastern Cape Region

Regional Network - Gauteng North Region A

Regional Network - Gauteng Region B

Regional Network - KwaZulu-Natal Region

Regional Network - Western Cape Region

The University of Cape Town supports the Western Cape regional network.