Resources from the February 2016 visit of the Siyaphumelela partners to GSU and Achieving the Dream conference

In Feb 2016 ,  25 members of our South African academic community, sponsored by the Kresge Foundation,  attended the Achieving the Dream conference in Atlanta and also visited Georgia State University(GSU) to learn more about how the university has  used data analytics, along with a host of other endeavours, to promote student success. Read more about the visit here.

Below are links to the presentations that were delivered to the delegates on their  visit to GSU.

Using Academic Redesign to  Increase Student Outcomes- Timothy Renick

Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Academic Advisement- Carol Cohen

College to  Career Guidance at Scale- Timothy Renick

Panther Retention Grants and Just-in-Time Aid- Eric J.Cuevas & Loius Scott

Organising the 1st year: Meta Majors, Learning Communities and SI

Site Visit Overview

Getting Students Off to the Right Start: The Success Academy – Scott Burke & Allison Calhoun-Brown