Wits Business Schools Issues Call for Submissions on Artificial Intelligence

The Wits Business Intelligence Services is hosting an AI conference in September 2019 and extends a call for contributions in the form of a presentation, panel discussion, conference workshop or demonstration. Submissions in the following key areas are requested:

•    AI and Machine learning
•    Deep Learning
•    Robotics
•    Computer Vision
•    Internet of Things (IoT)
•    Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Blended Learning Case Studies

The #FeesMustFall campaign which took place in the South African higher education arena in 2016 generated crucial discourses such as the decolonisation of the curriculum, decommodified education, as well as power relations among campaign leaders. In order to complete the academic year students also sought alternative avenues to pursue their learning such as online learning while continuing their campaigning for free education. In recognition of these hybrid models of teaching and learning that were emerging during the #FeesMustFall campaign, the Carnegie Corporation of New York funded the Universities of Cape Town, the Free State, Johannesburg and Pretoria to conduct research and write up case studies related to the uptake of blended learning.

The University of Pretoria was tasked with hosting a national convening, which took place at the Birchwood Conference Centre in June 2018.