Successful student tutoring

The South African higher education sector has experienced turmoil in recent years. The reasons are many and varied, ranging from a national funding crisis, subsequent protests against exorbitant university fees, and underprepared students entering the system after high school, to calls for curriculum reform and decolonisation, accessibility issues, and a higher education system that seems to be perpetuating student marginalisation. As a result, the University of the Witwatersrand has committed through its Learning and Teaching Plan (2015/2019) to broaden the participation of rural, black, female, disabled, and mature students, and to provide them with appropriate support for achieving greater success with access.

This case study serves to determine the effectiveness of a non-academic student support and success programme in one of the faculties at the university, by linking 2015/2016 programme attendance data with student biographical information (collected with a biographical questionnaire) for the same period.